About Us

Eurasia Innovative Society Association (Avrasya Yenilikçi Toplum Derneği) is a Non-Governmental Organization that aims to bring people together regardless of age, gender, nationality, color, religion, opinion and perspective. Eurasian Innovative Society Association (Avrasya Yenilikçi Toplum Derneği), is located in Eskisehir, Turkey’s second largest university campus. Our association is an educational association specializing in creating sustainable, digital, green and accessible education. Our association works closely with disability associations, national education members, VET schools, Universities and particularly vulnerable groups and local communities. With climate change, digitalization and international cooperation, the world is constantly changing, our association aims to adapt society to this ever-changing world in order to bring solutions to the present problem and encourage the change of skills for the future.

Eurasia Innovative Society Association (Avrasya Yenilikçi Toplum Derneği) is set up to fight against global climate change and aid people in adapting the digital transformation and changing world.

Our association does not:
– Have political side,
– Support any political party,
– Support any political ideology.

Our primary purpose is to educate people in line with the lifelong learning.

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